Are Sugar Babies Trading Sex for Money to Avoid Student Debt

Sugar Babies Student DebtGary Vaynerchuk famously said, "In the near future, the American economy will collapse because of student debt. Going to university is so expensive in America and so many young people are in debt because of that. How can the US economy be promising when almost everyone has to deal with student debt and a mortgage at the same time?" That's so true. In fact, this situation is also quite serious in other western countries like Australia - the tertiary education tuition fees are growing every year and a growing number of young people have to cope with student debt. Therefore, more and more university students are joining sugar daddy dating sites such as Seeking Arrangement because they have the foresight.

Why does Seeking Arrangement have so many university students?

SeekingArrangement has over 20 million users worldwide: 80% of these users are women; 20% of them are men. Anyone whose email address has '.edu' in it becomes a premium member on this sugar baby dating website for free. Small wonder SeekingArrangement is university student's No. 1 choice when it comes to entering the sugar bowl. According to SeekingArrangement, in 2007 the average sugar daddy on this site was 44 years of age, whereas today the average sugar daddy on SeekingArrangement is 39 years old. Interestingly, more than one decade ago, 46% of sugar daddies on the site were married, whilst today only 33% of sugar daddies are rich men who are married while looking for sugar babies. Apparently, the quality of sugar daddies is getting better and better; thus, many more university students who choose to be sugar babies receive allowance more easily, thereby avoiding student debt.

Which US cities are the sweetest in the sugar bowl?

Clearly, there are a lot of universities in the United States, so which cities have the most generous sugar daddies? Well, a report from Seeking Arrangement indicates that Miami, New York and Los Angeles are the top three cities where sugar babies receive the highest monthly allowance - the average amount each month per sugar baby is $6166 (Miami), $5692 (New York) and $5448 (Los Angeles). Research shows that although New York and Los Angeles are bigger cities compared with Miami, Miami has more high-quality sugar daddies who visits Miami regularly, so these wealthy men simply date sugar babies in Miami that can definitely stay away from their wives who live elsewhere anyway. Also, Las Vegas is No. 4 on the list ($5306), which is not surprising, because many celebrities go to Las Vegas frequently; hence, they look for sugar babies there.

What do university sugar babies say?

Tamara is a 22-year-old university student in Boston. She is dating a 35-year-old sugar daddy, a plastic surgeon whose clients are mostly celebrities. "I receive $75,000 per year from my sugar daddy and what I need to do is to see my sugar daddy once a week only," says Tamara, "I think that's much better than dating a random loser on university campus who can't even help me in any way. Most of my classmates are dating 22-year-old boys on campus - these boys have very little to offer." Another 19-year-old university sugar baby called Tiffany (in Seattle) also provided her insights - "I'm dating a 40-year-old sugar daddy who gives me $88,000 a year - that's higher than most people's income in America. My sugar daddy is a successful CEO, so dating him feels like a dream come true... Think Fifty Shades of Grey," says Tiffany, "I used to date young men who are definitely low-value because they either didn't call me after sleeping with me, or didn't add any value to my life at all. Now I feel much more empowered and respected by my sugar daddy because he gives me exactly what I want: I don't have student debt at all!"

Obviously, if you have to date a guy anyway, why not date a millionaire man who can give you what you want? The modern-day society shames prostitutes only because men don't want to give women money after having sex with women - it's a mind game! It's time to wake up and don't be conned by the mainstream ideology.