How to Be a Sugar Baby

How to Be Sugar BabyI know this might be hard for some of you aspiring sugar babies because of this, like any other, is a relationship. For any relationship to work, both partners must know and understand their role. Your role as a sugar baby is simply to provide your sugar daddy with some good time in exchange for some cash, weekend treats or any other thing he might need.

Create a profile

The most basic thing is to create a profile on a sugar daddy dating website. Sugar dating websites give you a platform where you can find some girls to choose from, and it might be a very good idea, especially for beginners. Your profile should show honesty, straightforwardness and a sense of class with a tinge of flirting. This is a very powerful combination.

Lead an active life

You should be averagely active in your day to day life. I am not talking about extravagant parties held daily or that sort of thing. You should be able to keep your sugar daddy interested, maybe suggest a date or two in an expensive hotel, a weekend extravaganza, a night in a hotel room, etc. This will keep him hooked to you. This will mean the difference between a call girl and a sweet sugar baby.

Be generous

You’ve got to make them loose with the money. It’s as simple as that because it comes with the job! You should not put up with sugar daddies who are too stingy. You should not ask directly for money but instead give subtle cues. If they cannot provide you with this, slowly move to the next person.


Give some to get some. The idea that the sugar daddy gets to set the rules because of his money is an immense misconception. This is totally the opposite in real life and is sometimes just plain rude. You should be able to start your relationship with foundations of mutual respect. This means that you two are supposed to understand your roles and limitations to avoid any bad blood later on.

Understand the game

It is possible to get an actual relationship out of such arrangements although it is not what you should have in mind. Most of these guys get into these relationships with just one purpose in their minds, to have a good time. So, don’t confuse having a good time a couple of days a week with being in a relationship. Go to the sugar daddy dating websites with clear objectives in your mind to avoid such confusion later on.