A Guide to the Sugar Baby Arrangement

Mutually Beneficial

Many young college girls are searching online and offline for a sugar daddy in Australia. They are on the look out for a man who can pay for their tuition, trips to exotic locations, their rent and even their designer bags and dresses. However, they have to pay a price for all these financial benefits. The arrangement is between a young and attractive woman in need of money and an older, rich man who is in need of companionship, making it mutually beneficial.

College Sugar Babies

Business Partnership

The arrangement between a sugar baby and a sugar daddy can be considered to be a business partnership, where each of the partners gives the other something that he needs and values. The something could be companionship, fun and excitement in return for money, gifts, expense coverage and so on. The arrangement is a win win situation for both the parties.

Controversial Relationship

Though it is more like a financial arrangement or partnership, the relationship between a sugar baby and a sugar daddy is sometimes controversial. It is a relationship between mature men and young and beautiful women, who are in some financial need. The sugar baby usually accompanies her sugar daddy, who could sometimes be older than her real daddy, to functions, parties and other social events. She will also have to accompany him on weekend getaways and so on.

The Arrangement

The relationship between the two is termed as an arrangement and the payment made by the sugar daddy is called an allowance. The sugar baby can make it very clear from the beginning regarding her financial requirements. For instance, she could state that she wants her sugar daddy to pay for the house rent or even buy the house, go shopping regularly, take a spa trip and so on. The sugar daddy can specify the amount that he can offer her and the other perks that she could get from the relationship. He can also make certain specifications regarding the sugar baby. Based on this, the two enter into an arrangement and agree to the terms.


The arrangement or agreement between the sugar daddy and the sugar baby is a non-traditional one. There are rules and regulations that are set by both the parties for playing this game and both have to abide by these in order to make the arrangement a successful one. Sugar babies must remember that it is not just quick cash and that it is important to give in return for the money received. They cannot flip flop regarding the arrangement terms after the relationship has started.

Arrangement with Married Men

The arrangement can also involve a married man, as many of them find something missing in their legal relationships. Sugar babies are not women who are trying to steal the man from his wife, but rather women who are trying to fill the lacking aspect in the man's life.

Increase in Allowance

It may not be a good idea to talk about money on the very first date in a sugar daddy relationship. The sugar daddy must also be generous with his allowance. Sugar babies can ask for a hike in the allowance, but they should consider whether it is justified and reasonable. It is not decent to ask for a raise in allowance as soon as the first one is received. If the sugar baby has enough justification, such as moving to the city of the sugar daddy or agreeing to meet him exclusively and so on, she can ask for an increase in the allowance. This is only a request and the other party is not obliged to make changes to the initial arrangement. However, the terms can be revisited.